Sleep Re-Unites; Matt Pike Remains Shirtless

legend has it, Ozzy Osbourne once said that stoner rock legends, Sleep, was the band that came closest to capturing Black Sabbath’s sound, when they were at their peak. no one knows how high Ozzy was when he said this, but it’s lofty praise, nonetheless.

I first heard about Sleep in 1999, when I read a review of the Jerusalem album, in a wrasslin’ magazine. I can’t remember exactly what they said, but it was something to the effect of “it’s a heavy album” and it got a rating of “TWO GIANT FUCKING BALLS” which I believe was the magazine’s highest highest rating.

they are doing a brief reunion tour that started last Friday and runs thru the 13th. and b/c 2010 appears to be the year when bands like to trot out classic albums, Sleep are playing their 1992 opus Holy Mountain. there was no DC date announced, and of course, I never actually made it to either one of the Brooklyn shows. I’ve found some setlists, reviews, and even an mp3 download of the show in Englewood, CO, from Sept. 5

I heard they are playing a new song, “Antarcticus Thawed”, but I don’t think there’s plans to release new material, any time soon. Matt Pike is set to resume touring with his band, High On Fire, at the end of the month. think of it more as like what Faith No More did earlier this year. yeah, we still enjoy foolin’ around, but we’re not doing anything serious.


Dopesmoker -> Holy Mountain -> Dragonaut -> Evil Gypsy -> Aquarian -> Some Grass -> Nain’s Baptism -> Inside The Sun -> The Druid -> From Beyond -> Proceeds The Weedian -> Over The Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne) -> Antarcticus Thawed -> Cultivator

Celtic Frost

Al Cisneros
Al Cisneros

Matt Pike
Matt Pike

all pictures, originally from


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