Nic Endo Or Hanin Elias? The Debate Rages On…

who truly is the better singer? Nic Endo or Hanin Elias? this was just one of the many topics up for discussion this past Friday nite as I wrapped up the final rehearsal sessions with Wrath von MagicMist. I sided with Nic Endo, and he took Hanin Elias. Nic Endo assumed vocal duties in ATR, when Hanin left. up until that point, she was mostly handling the programming, keyboards, etc. the videos I’ve seen of ATR on their reunion tour, I haven’t noticed a difference in either one of their singing styles. maybe, Nic is a bit more shouty with the lyrics, but not in a way that detracts from the song. fuck it, let’s just watch some videos…only 11 days until the ATR show in BAL-TEE-MORE!!!




2 Responses to “Nic Endo Or Hanin Elias? The Debate Rages On…”

  1. Clint Says:

    She’s shouty because she lacks the vocal subtlety that Hanin had – there’s a reason she wasn’t the singer when Hanin was around. YOU LOSE!!!! 🙂

  2. Alec Empire Says:

    strange how Clint knows without having seen the show:) actually if you’re based in the US and have seen ATR in the 90ties, then there is a high chance you saw ATR with Nic Endo on the mic…(Hanin didn’t do most US tours from 1996 to 1999)
    greetings from Berlin,


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