Ultimate Surrender – S8E01 – (5) Darling vs. Mia Stiletto

it’s time for another brand spankin’ new season of t3h inferwebz favourite unscripted lesbian sexfight promotion, Ultimate Surrender!

Darling leads off season 8, looking to pick up right where she left off. an undefeated regular season campaign, finished with a loss to Ariel X, in the 1/4 finals of Summer Vengeance. Darling is one of a handful of wrestlers entering this season, hoping to join the elite list of those who have won the triple crown of Ultimate Surrender. having captained her team to victory in the inaugural Royal Madness, and a regular season title in season 6. she is arguably, the best wrestler to have yet to win Summer Vengeance.

Mia Stiletto hails from Chicago, home of Al Jourgensen, deep dish pizza, and the reigning Stanley Cup champion, Blackhawks! she calls herself the Kingpin, and is a formidable 5’9″ 150-lb. powerhouse, who trained as a boxer. she definitely has the right attitude for Ultimate Surrender. with her size advantage, she already presents a major challenge to veteran and noob alike. just imagine how dangerous she’ll be with a few more matches under her belt.

the following are my official (unofficial) power rankings heading in to the new season. some ppl might be surprised that I have Ariel ranked ahead of Vendetta, but I’m basing it on who I think will end up competing in the championship match of Summer Vengeance V, a year from now.

01 Dia Zerva
02 Ariel X
03 Vendetta
04 Dragon Lily
05 Darling
06 Wenona
07 Tia Ling
08 Rain DeGrey
09 Holly Heart
10 Mellanie Monroe



3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E01 – (5) Darling vs. Mia Stiletto”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Good to see a black girl on the mat again, especially one as meaty as Mia. That big ass will get kicked a few more times before she gets the hang of rasslin but once she does…
    Be good to see her fight Mellanie and Krissy to an assfuck finish.

  2. Joe Says:

    You rank Rain above Holly? Can’t see it myself…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      8-10 is pretty much a coin toss. I’m basing it on my expectations for this season. wouldn’t be surprised tho, if Holly advances further in Summer Vengeance than Rain does…

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