Photoshop Experts Debate Authenticity Of Taco-Enhanced Misfits Album Cover

it’s been a tough week for Carnival Machine Armada guitarist, Wrath von MagicMist. first, he became embroiled in an epic feud with Atari Teenage Riot frontman, Alec Empire, over whether Nic Endo was a better singer than Hanin Elias. and now it appears as tho the Misfits album cover he submitted to Album Tacos was rejected.

the album in question is Legacy of Brutality. in addition to the taco (which was taken from a Beavis & Butt-head postcard scan) von MagicMist took it one step further, by renaming the album Legacy of BruTACOlity.

world-renowned photoshop expert, Dr. Lanilim Milmiliman Swimwamly, of the Brookings Institute, offered the definitive explanation on the matter. “well, I don’t reckon I know much about insertin’ no tacos in any album covers as such, but then again, I suppose Wrath does have a point. one of the admins may have liked his submission, and simply tweaked it, by inserting a better looking taco, and removing the CO from Brutacolity. given the relative popularity of Album Tacos combined with the relative obscurity of Legacy of Brutality, relatively speaking that is, then I correlate there is less than a 20% chance someone actually came up with the idea of inserting a taco in to this album cover.” Swimwamly later went on to say there was only a 60% chance his theory was correct.

Glenn Danzig even found time to comment on the controversy “I’m Danzig, motherfucker! you think I give a fuck about an album cover? those fuckers booed me the last time I played Baltimore. I don’t owe them shit, I play what I want, and I sing when I want to.”

that feud stems from an October 2007 show when Danzig was said to be performing classic Misfits songs. rumours had been swirling for weeks leading up to the Baltimore show, that this was not the case. in fact, Glenn wasn’t even singing the songs half of the time. merely, just extending the microphone in to the audience. and that’s why Danzig will never play the DC area again…ALLEGEDLY




2 Responses to “Photoshop Experts Debate Authenticity Of Taco-Enhanced Misfits Album Cover”

  1. Clint Says:

    I was robbed! Well, maybe the other one is better, but still. I was first!!!

  2. Clint Says:

    Plus, mine put ‘taco’ in the title!

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