Shirt Rotation Finalized For Biggest Shows Of 2010

2010 has been a great year to see some shows:
Rodrigo y Gabriela == most metalest acoustic show EVER!!!
my first time seeing Alice In Chains…LOVE, HATE, LOVE!!!
Megadeth/Testament – The Legacy and Rust In Peace back-to-back!!!
VOLTAIRE – simulated buttsex, plus made fun of me for being a fan of black metal
Faith No More – first US show in over a decade, totally ghey for Mike Patton
CHEMLAB – Jared Louche ran his fingers thru my hair, and then kneed me in the head…PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

I’ve been hotly anticipating the Atari Teenage Riot show ever since they released the new single “Activate” in April. they performed reunion shows in Europe in May, and announced a string of US dates in June. tomorrow is the day I finally get to see them at Sonar. the fan videos of recent shows have done a more than adequate job of whetting my appetite. Alec Empire is still just as sharp as he was 10 years ago. Nic Endo does well balancing programming duties and on vocals (with the departure of Hanin Elias) Brooklyn’s own CX Kidtronik is the new MC (RIP Carl Crack) and is doing a great job working his vocal talents in to the group. as a side note, he did an awesome job as the king of the universe on an episode of Food Party. as Wrath von MagicMist once told me, there’s no such thing as a bad ATR setlist. I don’t have any ATR merch, and there won’t be any available for purchase, at the show. it was a tough decision, but I decided to break out “The Biz” for such a special occasion. a shirt so awesome, it’s only been worn a handful of times in the 18 months since I bought it. much more on this show coming this weekend!!!

the bootleg shirt I bought outside the 9:30 Club after the RIP 20 show in March, gets the nod for the big Slayer/Megadeth show on October 6. Megadeth continues to play the Rust In Peace album, along with a collection of songs spanning their 25+ year career. Slayer will be playing Seasons In The Abyss, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the album’s release. in addition, they are playing a coupla songs off World Painted Blood, and these classics, Raining Blood, Angel Of Death, Aggressive Perfector, and South Of Heaven. Anthrax are the openers. I’ll have a better idea of exactly what their setlist entails once the tour resumes tomorrow.

there will be no better time than October 8 to wear that hellhammer shirt I bought at last year’s Comic-Con. 1349 frontman, Ravn, is a big fan of Tom Warrior. in fact, Ravn wears a hellhammer shirt every time 1349 performs. I hear ppl criticise 1349 and say they are terrible live, but that’s only b/c their regular drummer, Frost, had never played on a US tour until April. he is an amazing drummer, and I am very much looking forward to seeing them, since they missed the Jaxx show with Cannibal Corpse, due to the volcano. anyone who is a fan of Celtic Frost, will want to check out Tom Warrior’s new band, Triptykon. the spiritual successor to Celtic Frost, if you liked the Monotheist album, you will like Triptykon. for anyone still on the fence about seeing this show, approx. 75% of their previous setlists contain Celtic Frost material. the Triptykon songs they are playing live include Descendant, Abyss Within My Soul, and Goetia. all three of those songs are good, and should sound great live.

The Biz (Sept. 24) RIP 20 (Oct. 6) hellhammer (Oct. 8)


2 Responses to “Shirt Rotation Finalized For Biggest Shows Of 2010”

  1. Clint Says:

    )))))))))))))))))) This is why the mouht of a smiley face shouldn’t be considered to also close a parenthesis — it gets converted into a graphic, leaving your parens open!!!

  2. Clint Says:

    It’s going to be an awesome 2 weeks!!!

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