Ultimate Surrender – S8E02 – (2) Ariel X vs. Chloe Camilla

Ariel X is back, nuff said! altho she didn’t win Summer Vengeance, I put her as the odds-on-favourite to re-capture the throne. it’s great to have her back for another season, b/c when she is at 100%, there is no one who can beat her. checking the production date, this match was filmed BEFORE her loss to Vendetta in Summer Vengeance.

Chloe Camilla goes by the nickname the Conqueror. that being said, she is still just a noob at Ultimate Surrender, given the task of lasting 24 minutes with Ariel. Chloe has worked for other Kink sites. most notably, getting anally reamed by the Goddess…of Sodomy on a Sex and Submission shoot. I plopped my glopper on more than one occasion watching that one, boy I tell you whut! bottom line is, she likes to get slammed in the ass, and that’s always a good thing when you’re talking about round 4.

this is unscripted naked female combat in it’s finest form. Ariel X breaks in the noob with the style and grace you would expect from a former champion. she even let Chloe score a few points. that is not to say Ariel didn’t force a few submissions via her patented crushing leg-scissors hold. hopefully, we see more of Chloe in the future.

and while I’m talking about our beloved noobz, I can only hope Matt was able to convince Jennifer White to get in the ring. I saw she shot for Hogtied earlier this month. I’d love to see her ravaged by someone like DragonLily. for those of you who might not be familiar with Mz. White, she could pass for Sasha Grey’s younger sister…FRITATA!!!

Ariel X


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