Ultimate Surrender – S8E03 – Gia DiMarco vs. Lolita Haize

Gia DiMarco, aka The Fountain, was a late addition to the roster last season. she wrestled only one regular season match, before losing to Trina Michaels in the opening round of Summer Vengeance. what little we did have to go off of, provided a glimpse of the potential she could reach this season.

Lolita Haize, aka The Avenger, is the barely legal noob arriving on the scene to try her luck against the best the site has to offer. she claims to be a tough little bitch, when she needs to be. but only time will tell if she has the goods to back up such bold statements. she has worked several of US sister sites, including Public Disgrace and Whipped Ass.

with this match, you start to see more of Gia’s potential as an up-and-coming prospect in the lightweight division. she utilized several submission maneuvers, including the rarely seen “V” armbar submission. she was in control from the start, and registered the first shutout of season 8. she celebrated in round 4 by fucking Loltia in the ass, with the biggest strapon at her disposal. another coupla matches, and Gia could be ready to challenge Tia Ling for lightweight supremacy.

Gia DiMarco


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