Hipsterscum Offers Critical Analysis Of Dave Mustaine

I was finally able to convince my friends to watch the Megadeth Sonisphere show. this was a performance that was broadcast around the world, as part of the Big Four festival dates, that were played in Europe. for weeks I had laid claim that this was one of the most unintentionally hilarious shows ever filmed. Megadeth opened their set with “Holy Wars/The Punishment Due” and the skies grew ominous. no sooner had Dave Mustaine began to sing, than it began to pour down rain. in addition to the rain, there appeared to be a heavy wind blowing directly into Mustaine’s face. his guitar playing was impeccable as always, but he seemed to struggle mightily with the singing.

Wrath von MagicMist, and his wife, Storm, both thought the video was hilarious. multiple times they were awash in the throes of a wicked hard LOLLERCOASTER. Hipsterscum, on the other hand, was not amused. he said Mustaine was not really known for his singing. he said that he was more well-known for his guitar playing. I mentioned that he was also a good lyricist, and he said “no, not really.”

tho I must say in Mustaine’s defence, his vocals were spot-on when we saw them in March. he didn’t seem to be enjoying himself much at this particular Sonisphere show. in fact, at around the 4:45 mark of the video below, you can see Mustaine has this disgusted expression on his face. the funny thing is, that Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, mentions earlier in the show something to the effect of “it looks like we brought the good weather with us!”

speaking of Anthrax, Storm was mildly disappointed when she found out that two of her favourite Anthrax songs “Medusa” and “Be All, End All” were not included on the current setlist. I lamented the fact that of the eight songs Anthrax are playing, two of them are covers. are they that pressed for material?

Hipsterscum clued me into some music, he thinks I should check out. 1980s Napalm Death, 1980s Swans, and Cabaret Voltaire. as a fan of Skinny Puppy, I will probably enjoy the last one the most. I saw Napalm Death open for Kreator in 2005, but Hipsterscum told me they were now merely a shell of a shell of the original band.

I believe the subject of marching band music came up. I mentioned that Faith No More had a marching band open for them at one of the San Fran reunion shows in April. I also said Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine were another one of the openers. this brought up a discussion about bands who use the “And” in their name and those that use the “&” fundamentally, is there really any difference, or is it simply at the artist’s discretion, and it can be written however the fuck they want to use it. I forget which way I was arguing in favour of…

we watched some videos of Rev. Bruce Howard. he’s a public-access preacher, based out of Seattle. he usually has about 3 or 4 ppl, who just stand behind me the whole time, and don’t say much. one time, they had a fake call, that sounded like it was someone reciting a poem or something, but it later turned out to be a girl standing behind Bruce. he had his shoulder lifted, so as to block her mouth from the camera.

he takes phone calls from viewers in which he begins every conversation with “NAME!!!” and then “SUBJECT!!!” if the caller is slow to respond, Rev. Bruce will yell out “SPEAK!!!”, but if there is still no answer, he will count down from 5, before telling his board op “TAKE HIM OUT!!!” effectively ending the call. most callers have very basic questions, but Howard usually just goes off on a tangent about something completely unrelated. he started to go off about how ready he was to talk on a subject his viewer asked him about, and the video abruptly ended.

Bruce Howard sounds a little bit like Ric Flair, back in his heyday, when he used to cut some of the best promos in the wrasslin’ business. if Tim & Eric still had their show on [adult swim] I could definitely see Howard on as a regular.

we also watched new episodes of Ugly Americans, Adventure Time, Childrens Hospital, and Warren the Ape. Storm had the quote of the nite when she noted after watching Adventure Time, “there sure are a lot of ppl doing drugs and making tv shows nowadays!”

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  1. Clint Says:

    Hahaha, good post…

    Here’s some Bruce Howard videos!:

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