TV Carnage vs. Neil Hamburger

Derrick Beckles and Neil Hamburger, two comedians I hold with the utmost regard. Derrick Beckles is perhaps best-known as the guy from The Truth anti-smoking commercials from a few years ago. last year, he had a pilot on [adult swim] called The Best of Totally for Teens, which never officially aired, and was never picked up as a series (it’s a gawdamn shame that it wasn’t) he also appeared at a show with Food Party’s Thu Tran in June in Baltimore. I still regret missing that, b/c I was in Boston at the time.

Neil Hamburger is the Don Rickles for the 21st century. he’s definitely an acquired taste. he is perhaps the premier insult comic in the business today. I saw him, when he was the emcee at the Faith No More reunion show in April in San Francisco. legend has it that he was hand-picked by Mike Patton, himself. Neil’s also been tabbed to perform on the upcoming Tim & Eric Chrimbus tour. it’ll be like seeing the Megadeth and Slayer of thrash stand-up comedy.

here’s a brief video of Derrick with Neil, as part of Derrick’s TV Carnage series. Derrick interviews Neil, and in between, there are snippets of Neil’s gold-standard stand-up…

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