Ultimate Surrender – S8E06 – Jessie Cox vs. Allie Haze

Matt brings us a match-up between two of the up-and-comers of Ultimate Surrender’s second division. Jessie Cox has three singles matches under her belt, including a loss to Rain DeGrey in the opening round of Summer Vengeance IV. she has been busting her ass on the tag team circuit, along with partner, and current reigning Ultimate Surrender world champion, Dia Zerva. they finished the campaign 1-3, but I noticed a marked improvement with Jessie’s skillset over the course of those four tag matches. being able to learn from a master of the game like Dia, has definitely paid off.

Allie Haze is back for season 8. she arrived on the scene late in season 7, wrestling against a coupla US Hall of Famers in Vendetta and Darling. even tho she failed to make much of a dent on the scoreboard in either match, Matt says Allie is well ahead of the learning curve amongst her fellow noobs.

this match was the closest we’ve had so far this season. at one point, the score was tied at 102. Allie gave Jessie all she could handle thru the first two rounds. Jessie dug in to her reserves in round 3, ending on a 72-4 run, to win her third straight regular season match (and still undefeated!) the second division looks very promising…

Jessie vs. Allie


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