Local Idiot Praised For Memorizing Chorus Of Pixies Song

Persie Handfisher stunned friends on Tuesday nite, when he managed to successfully repeat the closing refrain to the Pixies 1991 smash hit “Alec Eiffel” Handfisher only occasionally listens to the Pixies, and doesn’t even own the album on which the song appears (Trompe Le Monde). in fact, the first time he heard the song, it was a cover performed by a band he had never heard of (The Get-Up Kids). said one observer, “I didn’t even realize he listened to the Pixies!”

Handfisher followed that up, by delighting the audience with his Yvgeny Mirminsky impression, during a viewing of Delocated. in case u didn’t know, it’s the funniest live action show on tv. Tuesday nite’s impromptu hangout, followed on the heels of a successful get-together on Friday nite, in which Persie claimed to be “on fire” recording eight one-liners, and assisting on six others.

“I was totally in the zone, my comedic timing was in rare form. I remember making a joke about kangaroos, that got a few laughs. it might’ve been the only time I successfully landed a joke about marsupials.”

Handfisher regaled the crowd with the story of the time he got into an argument about the Super Bowl, with a Bruins fan on the metro.

“it was a pretty good scene, we all had a few drinks after the (Caps-Bruins) game. I kept telling him the Patriots were going to the Super Bowl. one thing we could all agree on was that the Yankees suck, and so I felt good about starting that “YANKEES SUCK!” chant. everyone in our subway car seemed to enjoy it, except for the transit cop.”

unfortunately, Persie was unable to attend last weekend’s camping trip, due to work. his Halloween plans were up in the air as of press time. a source close to the situation, indicated he would be staying in the NOVA area, for the first time since 2007.


2 Responses to “Local Idiot Praised For Memorizing Chorus Of Pixies Song”

  1. Clint Says:

    damn straight it’s hilarious!

  2. Clint Says:

    I also liked where you didn’t realize S.O.D.’s “Seasoning The Obese” was a parody [in title, vocal style, music style, and occasional parodyesque riffs] of Slayer in general, with the title being a pun on “Seasons In The Abyss”.

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