Delocated Season 2 Wraps Tonite

as I’ve said before, Delocated is quite simply, the best live-action show on television. you would expect nothing less from the folks who brought us Wonder Showzen and Xavier: Renegade Angel. [adult swim] bumped Delocated to a full 22-minute show this season, and it has paid off. each character’s backstory was fleshed out. Russian hitman/aspiring stand-up comedian, Yvgeny Mirminsky (played by Eugene Mirman, who is H. Jon Benjamin’s writing partner) his brother, Sergei (Steve Cirbus). Jon’s relationship with his estranged wife, Susan, his girlfriend, Kim, and his son, David. the addition of Jerry Minor as Mighty Joe Jon: the Black Blonde, and Mather Zickel as Jon’s new federal agent, Rob, have meshed well with the existing storylines. Jon randomly singtalking lines is one of my favourite things about this show. Kim (played by Zoe-Lister Jones) has some of the best dialogue. most notably, in the episodes “Kim’s Krafts” “Jon, He Does It” and “Conversions” I’m already looking forward to season 3…



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