Ultimate Surrender – S8E09 – (6) Bella Rossi vs. (7) Adrianna Nicole

the first division of Ultimate Surrender just got a little more interesting with the return of two established veterans.

Adrianna Nicole captured tag team gold with Dia Zerva in February 2009, but hasn’t wrestled in singles competition, since her epic throwdown with Dia in week 32 of season 6. Adrianna would get a small measure of revenge against her former partner, when she teamed with Ami Emerson to defeat Dia, in what turned out to be a handicap match, in September 2009. the end result provided quite the visual treat for the live audience, courtesy of a scorching hot DP in round 4.

Bella Rossi was one of Matt’s most promising rookies from the class of season 6. she wrestled just once last season (a 195-92 victory over Rain DeGrey in week 19) word has it that her departure was b/c she signed an exclusive deal to work with sister site, The Upper Floor. I reckon her contract is up, and she can go back to kicking (and fucking) ass at Ultimate Surrender.

Adrianna hadn’t wrestled in a year, Bella hadn’t wrestled since January. neither one of these gals showed any signs of ringrust in a back-and-forth match for bragging rights in the uber-competetive upper-mid card division. Bella gets the win 293-244. it’s great to have both these ladies wrestling again full-time. here’s hoping we see more regular season matches pitting top 10 opponents.

as you can tell by the title, we have slotted Bella 6th, and Adrianna 7th, in the updated rankings. Hollie Stevens drops to 8th, Wenona is 9th, and Tia Ling is 10th. speaking of whom, the reporters who cover lesbian sexfighting are confirming Tia wrestled a singles match last weekend while in San Fran for her tag match. all we can say is that she won, but don’t know who she beat.

Bella vs. Adrianna


4 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E09 – (6) Bella Rossi vs. (7) Adrianna Nicole”

  1. spanian Says:

    my reporters informs that Violet Monroe is a heavy suspect for the girl who lost to Tia Ling.

  2. femwrestlingfan Says:

    Violet wasn’t the girl Tia wrestled. Violet was suposed to wrestle two weeks ago against Dragon. that didn’t worked out eventually.

    so Tia’s opponent is still unknown.

    Dragon, whos suposed to wrestle Violet, may have wrestle eventually against another girl.

  3. Joe Says:

    Hmm… not a fan of Bella Rossi, but nice to see Adrianna back. Wonder if there’s any chance of a return for Ami Emerson?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yes, count me among those who are also hoping to see Ami return. she was the best wrestler to come out of the season 6 rookie class.

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