This Show Will Get You High…Allegedly

found this on ye olde spleen a few days ago. it’s a show by Matt Besser, who is better known for his work on Upright Citizens Brigade. the show features sketch comedy, and improv bits from the UCB Theatre in Santa Cruz. here is the official write-up for the show:

My name is Matt Besser, one of the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and one of the creators of This Show Will Get You High. A year ago I approached the leaders of Comedy Central with the idea to create a sketch show so funny that it had the power to get the viewer high. I theorized that if we can get the kids high on sketch comedy, then they won’t have to be in the empty lots and the abandoned malls looking for real drugs like heroin, crack, and worst of all, marijuana.

To accomplish this dream I recruited some of the best sketch comedians from the UCB Theatre including Brett Gelman, John Gemberling, Paul Rust, Betsy Sodaro, combined with the directing genius of Eric Appel, plus Nathan Barnatt, Sergio Cilli, Allan McLeod, and Jessica Williams. Upon completion of the experiment, Comedy Central showed it to focus groups where it was determined that it got them way too high. It has since been decided that the safest time to exhibit the special are the hours when only those who are used to being “way too high” are still awake.

and the following are the bits that appear in the pilot episode:

bored guy masturbates tiny penis in his ear during meeting – pretty self-explanatory
are you smart enough to get high? – Matt Besser talks about how Santa Cruz is known for it’s weed. asks an audience member if he’s high. the guy replies no, his pupils are dilated b/c he just came from the doctor’s office. he asks the guy if he’s ever watched an entire episode of Jersey Shore. the audience member replies “no” and Besser says “good start.”
guy has whiny baby as co-worker – first day on the job, and a guy has to put up with a co-worker who is dressed in nothing but a diaper and bib. “Winnie” shits himself, and needs his diaper changed. guy refuses to do it, drawing the ire of the boss.
guns don’t kill children, monsters kill children… – PSA where two kids are playing with a gun in one of the kid’s parents bedroom. they start wrestling over the gun, and a monster reaches out from under the bed, grabbing one of the boy’s by the leg. kid reaches for gun, and shoots monster.
whiny baby stand-up – talks about eating pussy, but the girl has tiny balls of tissue on her pussy, b/c she just finished using the bathroom. says they should come with warning saying “may contain pulp” some female audience members look genuinely shocked.
Mr. Bananas – animal control called to a man’s house, only to find a homicidal chimp has run amok, killing the man’s family, and leaving him severely maimed.
Dr. Weed – medicinal marijuana doctor dispenses weed to earthquake victims, who are trapped in an office. the sketch is a reprise of the “guy has whiny baby as a co-worker” sketch.
Monster Mothers Against Children – reprise of the earlier PSA, told from the monster’s mother’s point of view. insert hilarious “I can haz cheezburger” grammar here.
census bureau improv – guy comes out as a census bureau employee, asking random questions like “me masturbating in your car or me taking a shit in your bed.”
We Got That B-Roll – funny bit about all the generic b-roll footage you see in commercials like “angry man in traffic” or “overwhelmed man trying to pay bills”
“Piss Boner” music video – cast members perform a song about waking up with an erect penis, that’s full of piss.
whiny baby meets Jesus freak – guerilla sketch featuring whiny baby and a religious guy with a bullhorn, who’s telling everyone why they’re bad ppl. whiny baby asks the guy to put lotion on him, but he refuses. whiny baby says “but Jesus would put lotion on me!” other guy enters scene and obliges the request.

aside from the B-Roll commercial and the guy who played the whiny baby, this show didn’t live up to it’s title. Comedy Central has so many other wonderful shows to fill their primetime schedule like South Park, Ugly Americans, and uhh…

you know, one time when I was out in…HOLLYWOOD (hold for applause), I had a conversation with one of my showbiz buddies, who does stand-up quite frequently at the UCB Theatre. we were talking about Paul Rust (who appears in This Show…) long story short, I thought Paul Rust was an alias used by Paul Rudd. but, it turns out they are in fact, two different ppl, no big whoop.

This Show Will Get You High

2 Responses to “This Show Will Get You High…Allegedly”

  1. Clint Says:

    Gemberling aka “Fat Guy STuck In Internet”, just about the only AdultSwim show I couldn’t get through a season of.

    That other guy’s voice sounds almost just like Brian Posehn.

    That pussy eating joke was sooo gross, we all laughed out ass off over here.

    Dr. Weed was great, except they seemed to want to make a serious political message that weed isn’t medicine because it doesn’t cure injuries. Which is, of course, utterly ridiculous. By that standard, painkillers, aspirin, asthma medicine — none of those are medicine because they don’t cure anything. Pain relief IS one of the functions of medicine.

    Piss Boner was great.

  2. VIDEO: List of TV shows watched in 2010 « Clint's blog Says:

    […] * +PILOT: This Show Will Get You High: A few known lesser comedians, like Gemberling from Fat Guy Stuck In Internet. Some funny stand-up clips. Some decent sketches. Could have been better, but was still pretty good for some random shit thrown together.  Clint: 4/5 stars, 7/10. Carolyn: 3/5 stars, 7/10. John The Canadien’s review is here. […]

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