Shake Weight…For Your Marriage

I was one of the millions of ppl who had never heard about an awesome new invention called Shake Weight. that is, until last nite’s season finale of South Park. a scientist smart enough and horny enough to pass off a gyrating dumbbell, that can be used by women to help exercise their arm muscles. I had to check out the official Shake Weight web site, to see what all the fuss was about. the 2-minute infomercial splashed on the home page is just as hilarious as the South Park episode, whut done satirized it.

Randy becomes addicted to the Food Network, and chases his dream of becoming a top chef. Sharon feels neglected, and takes up exercising with her new Shake Weight. Shake Weight comes with pre-recorded messages designed to motivate the user like “keep up the good work” “you’re doing great” and “faster, you’re almost there” not only that, but Shake Weight dispenses a cooling liquid once the workout is complete, and also gives out cab fare, before entering sleep mode.

needless to say, Shake Weight’s youtube channel is blowing up today, thx in large part to all the ppl who Google searched it, after watching last nite’s episode. any and all sales of Shake Weight due to exposure on South Park, should entitle Trey and Matt to some sort of royalties. or at the very least, an old-fashioned from the chick in the commercial.





One Response to “Shake Weight…For Your Marriage”

  1. Clint Says:

    Fuck yeah. That’s hot.

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