It Was Like Drinking Big League Chew

u go an entire week without drinking, and then u go to a birthday party where they’re serving bubblegum vodka! vodka is my least-favourite liquor, but the allure of bubblegum flavour, was something I could not resist. my Count Grishnackh story fell flat, but I think I could’ve done better with the setup. ran into a friend who was visiting from California. I became over-stimulated, and resumed talks of going to Cali, maybe for good. I just gotta stop talking about it, grow some ballz, and fuckin’ do it! ppl I chatted with, were looking forward to the Tim & Eric show on December 1. Neil Hamburger is opening the show. I think I called him the Andrew Dice Clay of his generation. it should be a helluva show.

I’m hung over, but I do some of my best work under the influence. it’s a nice little five hour shift, and then I’m hitting the Caps-Flyers game. I always love going to these games. back when I first started following hockey (roundabouts 1987) this was the Caps most fiercest feud. I recall a time when the goalies got into a fight! Flyers fans travel well, they are pretty knowledgeable, and always up for exchanging some good-natured verbal jabs. we got tickets directly behind the Flyers bench. SO FUCKING EXCITED! I’ll try not to stir the pot on metro after the game. lord knows they’ve got enough problems already!


One Response to “It Was Like Drinking Big League Chew”

  1. Clint Says:

    speaking of Ryan… and balls… you might want to ask about some pictures you were in last night…

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