Ultimate Surrender – S8E11 – Holly Heart vs. Jesse Andrews

with the recent return of several big-name veterans, Holly Heart finds herself relegated to the second division of Ultimate Surrender. she is not the same girl we saw beaten and sodomized by the Dragon in her debut back in July ’09. after going thru her noob paces in season 7, she defeated fellow blonde hottie, Krissy Lynn, in a first round Summer Vengeance match, before losing to Darling. Holly became Dragon’s partner on the tag team circuit, and after going 4-0, they have already secured a spot in the championship match in January.

Jessie Andrews is one of Ultimate Surrender’s youngest competitors. at just 18, she is looking to bring the heat to the Armory. she grew up with brothers, and says that has toughened her up, for her climb up the ladder. another noob who thinks she can come in and win her first match.

Holly Heart picks up her first ever regular season win, by proving the old adage, experience will beat size every day of the week. as a former fitness model and gymnast, Holly’s endurance played a pivotal role in the match, helping to wear down Jesse. impressive season debut for veteran and noob alike.



One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E11 – Holly Heart vs. Jesse Andrews”

  1. Joe Says:

    Love Holly! Now hope she puts together a run of wins. Also, the one match up I want to see more than any other atm… Holly vs Sam Sin

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