Radon Chong

I had just come back from my volunteer work I do over at the topless womens shelter. it was around 11:30 PM when my radon detector went off. normally, the only time it goes off, is when the batteries need to be replaced. I replaced the batteries and thought nothing of it, as I went to bed. this morning when I woke up, the radon detector went off again. the fire department and EMT showed up around 7:30 AM. I went off to work around this time, but Persie, Sr. rang me on the mobile tele to let me know that newshounds from two local affiliates showed up to cover the story. they traced the leak to a neighbour’s house. happy to report there were no injuries, and everyone is doing A-OK!

in other news, I bought Gran Turismo 5 today. game is fuckin’ sick! menu layout is kinda confusing, but otherwise, this is still the best racing sim on the market. I’ve got the next two days off work, so I know what I’ll be doing.

in addition, haven’t had a drink since last Saturday nite. moreso, I have absolutely no desire to drink. this isn’t like the times I used to flirt with sobriety, pretending not to drink, when secretly I craved nothing more. talk is cheap, and I can’t say I’ll never drink again. I just won’t drink for today.

Rae Dawn Chong

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