Bruce Willis Does Between Two Ferns

Bruce Willis is the special guest. Zach tells Bruce he can’t smoke in the studio. Zach takes the cigarette, takes a drag, and then puts it out in a fern. Zach starts in with his typical line of questioning. does Bruce follow Ashton Kutcher on twitter? does he know it’s ok for actors to turn down roles? does he have any plans to re-boot the Grumpy Old Men franchise? Zach tells Bruce he needs to loosen up.

Bruce leans over and asks “have we started?” Zach drops a Different Strokes reference “what you talking about, Willis?” and follows with “look who’s talking.” insert obligatory product placement here as Zach wipes down his pits with some Speed Stick. they talk about Bruce’s Oscar, err, Blockbuster Entertainment Award.

Bruce then talks about the ’80s. he says the women were much cleaner back then. he talks about getting blown up and Hollywood Blvd. the cigarette Zach put out in the fern, was still lit. the fern is smoking, and eventually Zach’s arm catches fire. after Bruce puts out the fire, Zach closes by saying “Ashton should tweet this.”

Bruce Willis


One Response to “Bruce Willis Does Between Two Ferns”

  1. Clint Says:

    Bruce seemed pissed off for real in this one!

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