Ultimate Surrender – S8E12 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. (10) Samantha Sin

Dragon Lily is the claimant to the real world’s champion. she makes no bones about it that Ultimate Surrender is her domain, and every other wrestler is her bitch. her return to full-time action on the singles circuit was unceremoniously derailed by her BFF, Dia Zerva, in the 1/2 final round of Summer Vengeance. could 2011 be the year Dragon pulls the double by scoring both singles and tag team gold?

there’s a hot new MILF on the scene at Ultimate Surrender. it’s returning veteran, Samantha “Captor of” Sin! it’s been about two years since she graced the US mat. after having a baby, she’s back in the biz, and back to mixing it up at the Armory. despite losing in her return match, Samantha turned in quite the performance. she was able to force an orgasm out of DL, with quite the innovative hold in round 2. welcome back, Ms. Sin, hella awesome match!

breaking news coming out of last nite’s tag match…Vendetta has retired from Ultimate Surrender, due to the shoulder injury she suffered two months ago, during a tag match. as Ultimate Surrender’s very first triple crown champion, and a sure-fire hall-of-famer, we here at IGRO would like to thank Vendetta for all her work she put in to making US the site it is today. hopefully, they retain her in some capacity, much like they are doing with Isis. we wish Vendetta all the best in her future endeavors.

Bella Rossi stepped in as Tara Lynn Foxx’s partner. they were beaten by Ariel X and Hollie Stevens. round 4 may have also included some fisting, courtesy of America’s sexiest referee, Isis, at the losing team’s expense. TLF later told followers on twitter “fuck it…I’m getting hammered tonight.” Mellanie Monroe (AX original partner, at the beginning of the season) may be done wrestling on the site. Ariel X gets her third shot at winning tag team gold. she and Hollie are scheduled to meet Dragon and Holly Heart for the tag titles on January 7!

updated rankings:
01. Dia Zerva
02. Ariel X
03. Dragon Lily
04. Darling
05. Bella Rossi
06. Adrianna Nicole
07. Hollie Stevens
08. Wenona
09. Tia Ling
10. Samantha Sin

DL vs. Sin


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E12 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. (10) Samantha Sin”

  1. Joe Says:

    Vendetta’s retiring? Nooooo! 😥

  2. ringmaster Says:

    Vendetta is a great technical wrestler but never the sxiest or most exciting. Her Rd 4s were generally dull. She’s ben great but US has moved on, exemplified by the quality of holds displayed in the above match. The one in which Samantha Sinn’s legs were pulled apart to allow unfettered access to her fuck slot should be named The Dragon Splayer. I want to see more of it.

  3. spanian Says:

    Vendetta retires is good for several reasons:
    1. we want to see beautiful and sexy girls wrestle. most of the wrestlers are real porn stars. Vendetta wasn’t, she was just a lesbian who wants to wrestle. though she was a good wrestler, she’s just not pretty or sexy enough.
    2. her technice with her legs was too rough and brutal, she injured Darling with that painful moves of her. she could have break some girl’s neck with it. these wrestlers are porn stars, not ufc fighters!

    with that note, I was happy also when Syd left the roster. though her technice was good and not dangerous as vendetta’s, she was too manly, one can think she’s a guy.
    we need beautiful girls wrestling with fun and joy.

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