Megadeth: The Most Listened To Band In 2010

PH: hello, and welcome to another edition of Between Two Ferns. I’m your host, Persie Handfisher. joining me today, is the lead singer of the heavy metal band, Megadeth, Mr. David Mustang
DM: uhh, no, the last name is Mustaine, and I prefer to be called Dave.
PH: so, what’s the deal with the band name spelling? isn’t there supposed to be another “A” in there? what, did u forget to buy a vowel or something?
DM: what the fuck are you talking about?
PH: oh c’mon, Dave, it’s just a little Wheel of Fortune humour
DM: …
PH: a wiseman once posed the question “peace sells, but who’s buying?”
DM: yeah, I know, I wrote that lyric almost 25 years ago…
PH: and who’s buying in 2011?
DM: that’s kind of a rhetorical question…
PH: it’s probably the Chinese
DM: it doesn’t really have a right answer
PH: great answer to my answer, Dave! so then, it’s definitely the Chinese. (talking off-camera) Tairy, make a note. I only want Chinese escorts from now on. and the less English they speak, the better.
DM: …
PH: how does it feel to be named IGRO’s most listened to band for 2010?
DM: well, it’s always nice to be acknowledged by our fans. how long have you been listening to us?
PH: since January…of this year
DM: HAHA! you’re joking right?
PH: nope, in fact, I’d never seen you in concert until March.
DM: ah yes, the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour with Testament and Exodus, great tour!
PH: I was at the DC show!
DM: nice…
PH: did you hear me when I yelled out for you guys to play Enter Sandman?
DM: why would we play that? it’s a Metallica song
PH: hey, do you ever hang out with James Hetfield?
DM: I see him occasionally
PH: does he ever call you up and ask if you wanna go shopping for capri pants? b/c that’s definitely something I’d be up for
DM: no, he doesn’t
PH: so, that Baltimore show was a doozy, eh? what’s up with drunk guys spilling their beer on the PA, am I right?
DM: …
PH: I know the feeling, let me tell you! I had one too many white wine spritzers last nite, and ended up spilling a drink all over my guitar…hero controller
DM: yeah, sure, that’s like totally the same thing, whatever
PH: what I wanna do now is take a look at some of the other bands on this list, and you tell me your thoughts
DM: ok
PH: first up, Slayer. ever heard of them?
DM: you can’t be serious!
PH: I can assure you as a respected pillar of the faux journalist community, I am. it’s a valid question, if I do say so myself
DM: *sighs* no, I’ve never heard of them
PH: that’s funny, b/c SOMEONE wrote in my notes that you toured with them in October, TAIRY! (glares at Tairy off-stage)
DM: …
PH: La Roux
DM: no
PH: so, you’re saying you’ve toured with them
DM: no, I’m saying I’ve never heard of them, and I’ve never toured with them
PH: ok, well I’ll write down that you are unfamiliar with La Roux, but that you may eventually end up touring with them
PH: 1349
DM: are they some Norwegian black metal band that dress up in corpse paint and sing about devil worship, that sorta stuff
PH: yes, but they’re actually Scandinavian
DM: uh, HELLO! EARTH TO DUMBASS! Scandinavia is a region of Europe, which Norway is a part of
PH: (yelling off-camera) WHAT THE FUCK, TAIRY? do you even want college credit for this job? Mr. OOOH, look at me, I’m studying for a communications degree at USC, WHOOP-DEE-FUCKING-SHIT!!! BUY A FUCKING GLOBE!
DM: calm down, Persie! u know that Tairy is right
PH: *sobbing* he-he is?
DM: why sure! not only is Norway a part of Scandinavia, and we DID go on tour with Slayer in October
PH: oh Dave, u sure know how to cheer a guy up
DM: do you wanna apologize to Tairy, for yelling at him?
PH: no
DM: ok, well then, would you like to go get some ice cream?
PH: YAY! ice cream
DM: hey Persie
PH: yeah Dave
DM: I read your article where you wrote new lyrics for Holy Wars, to describe an Ultimate Surrender match
PH: really? what did ya think?
DM: I’d like those 3 minutes of my life back

full list of the top 10 artists listened to in 2010 (with number of spins listed in parentheses):
01. Megadeth (702) *
02. 1349 (686) *
03. Sleep (528)
04. Slayer (515) *
05. Alice In Chains (423) *
06. La Roux (406) *
07. Kreator (353)
08. Atari Teenage Riot (302) *
09. White Mice (301)
10. Celtic Frost (299)

* – indicates I saw them in 2010

Dave Mustaine


2 Responses to “Megadeth: The Most Listened To Band In 2010”

  1. Clint Says:

    Here’s mine:
    Pixies (12,086)
    NOFX (7,726)
    Atari Teenage Riot (6,905)
    KMFDM (4,971)
    Voivod (4,286)
    Kreator (3,791)
    Ween (3,271)
    GWAR (2,996)
    Megadeth (2,934)
    Alex Skolnick Trio (2,819)

  2. GrmBHM Says:

    A very good choice. Dave Rattlehead Mustaine & Vic: “Metal up your ass !!”

    They were on tour last summer in Europe with Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer (the big 4 on the same stage !!). HaHi !

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