Ultimate Surrender – S8E13 – Allie Haze vs. Ashley Jane

Allie Haze is no longer an unseasoned player in Ultimate Surrender. she has three matches under her belt (dating back to last season) she hung tough with Jessie Cox, in week 6, but ended up losing, 174-106. she is hungry for her first career win, and eager to show what she can do with a strap-on.

Ashley Jane returns to Ultimate Surrender. at 5’1″, she is the smallest wrestler to compete at the Armory. what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in heart and determination. she went 0-3 last season, and after she had been pulled from the tag circuit (originally slated to be Dragon’s partner) we thought she might be done wrestling. she may be overmatched in every match she competes in, but we give her propz just for showing up.

Allie Haze graduates from noob to lower mid-carder, with a 376-78 win. not only that, but she also impressed Matt with her masterful strap-on skills, in round 4. Ashley may never be favoured to win a match, BUT, let’s not be so quick to throw her in the same category as a Harmony. perhaps Ashley can join the tag league next season, and be paired with a veteran, who can help her build her skillset. bold ass prediction: Ashley will win at least one match before she’s finished wrestling…

Allie Haze


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