That’s So Raven

Raven debuted on youtube last week, with the first of what could be a weekly series of blogs. best known for his time in the original ECW in the mid-90s, where he had epic feuds with Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. Raven is ranked as the #4 greatest wrassler in ECW history…

in the Raven’s Effect series premiere, Raven talks about shit he’d rather be doing, like stuffing his face, petting his dog, and reading comic books. he mentions that he is looking to hire a butler, but changes his mind, due to the economy. he gives out his mailing address, so that fans can send him gifts. he talks about shit that pisses him off. like ppl who walk in the airport, and they abruptly stop, and it sets off a chain reaction, where ppl bump into each other. he mentions that they will be opening the ebay shop in the near future. if you’re in the Philly area New Years weekend, you can check out his stand-up, along with Rev. Bob Levy. if Raven’s stand-up is half as good as his promos, it should be a highly entertaining show. whatever you do, don’t call Raven by his real name (Scott Levy) b/c he will either ignore you, or hit you with an Evenflow DDT.

“I’m a procrastinator. Not only that, but I take FOREVER to get around to doin’ stuff.”


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