Oderus Urungus On Cover Of Decibel Magazine

there is a feature article on all things, GWAR, in the latest issue of Decibel magazine. makes for an excellent read while you’re busy squeezing out your own yule log. GWAR didn’t have barricades at their shows until 1994, b/c they didn’t know they could pay for security. audience members became so enthralled watching these faux executions, that they would jump on-stage, and try to steal GWAR’s props. many a show would end with members of GWAR beating the shit out of their own fans, LOL! A MUST-READ!!! makes for a great gift/cum rag for that special scumdog on your X-mas list.

notable artists who made Decibel’s Best of 2010 albums list:
Tom Warrior made a triumphant return with his new band, Triptykon, and their debut album, Eparistera Daimones, which ranked #3. what you may not know, is that the droning parts on the album, are outtakes from Cold Lake, played backwards, at half-speed.

Tom Warrior

Swedish black metal act, Watain, came in at #2, with Lawless Darkness. which as far as I know, is the first concept album ever written about horse racing.

GWAR was invited to perform “Zombies, March!” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in October. Oderus agreed to sodomize and dismember several audience members (including guest, Dana Carvey) at no extra charge. check out Sleazy P. Martini, up on the balcony, during the performance! GWAR will be fucking shit up at the 9:30 Club on Dec. 30.



One Response to “Oderus Urungus On Cover Of Decibel Magazine”

  1. Clint Says:

    Nice to see ’em gettin’ some cred!

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