Ultimate Surrender – S8E14 – (9) Tia Ling vs. Mahina Zaltana

at just 5’1″ 100 lbs. Tia Ling is one of the top pound-for-pound wrestlers in the game today. since her debut in season 6, she has been making short work of larger opponents, on a regular basis. she is looking to build off an impressive run last season, that carried her to the 1/4 finals of Summer Vengeance.

not since Sika, has a Wild Samoan generated this much interest in the wrasslin’ community. let’s all give a big “MAHALO!” to Ultimate Surrender’s latest noob, Mahina Zaltana. she grew up with older brothers, and is no stranger to the physicality that a site like Ultimate Surrender presents. she thought she could take her smaller, more experienced opponent. a common mistake made by many a noob.

Tia quickly asserts her dominance over her noob opponent with some textbook fingering. for good measure, Tia incorporates various submission holds via headlocks and leg-scissors. Mahina wrestled with fake nails, but we are happy to report, there would be no “Nail Gate: The Ballad of Tory Lane” fiasco, on this day. match went down without incident, and Tia scores an 870-0 shutout victory. I’m just gonna throw this out there for the next tag team season: pair up Dragon and Mahina, and call them the Samoan Swat Team.

Tia vs. Mahina


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E14 – (9) Tia Ling vs. Mahina Zaltana”

  1. Joe Says:

    She’s very efficient about taking out the noobs, but Tia’s still to beat a fellow middle-ranking wrestler, and I think Wenona, Adrianna or Bella could all beat her.

    Tory Lane never did get that rematch with Isis…

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Lot to like about Mahina’s hot toned bod. She tweets that she’s looking for a wrestling tutor. There will be no shortage of volunteers to get to grips with her. Her fuck films show that she has a high pain tolerance, tit and pussy whipping included, and she likes big black cocks. With training, she could be a contender.
    I agree with Joe that Tia should take on Adriana or Bella. She’ll probably get fucked in the ass.

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    anal is mandatory when Tia’s on the mat. she could be the next Ariel, but Matt needs to put her in there against talent the likes of which you guys have already mentioned. look forward to seeing how Donna, Hollie, and Ariel utilize each one of her holes.

    one of these days, Tory’s cuticle will fully heal..

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