And When McNabb Falleth

it’s been quite the Theatre of Tragedy, over the past coupla weeks, for the DC-area sports teams. the Caps are in the midst of an 8-game losing streak. just in time for their HBO 24/7 documentary, on the upcoming Winter Classic, against the Pens. the Wizards are 6-19, still haven’t won a game on the road, and traded Gilbert Arenas to Orlando. and then there’s the Redskins…

Mike Shanahan is a coach who gets way more credit than he deserves. he’s still riding off John Elway’s coattails, and the two Super Bowls they won in ’98 & ’99. everybody thought he was gonna resurrect the Redskins with his “genius” coaching skills. he brought his son, Kyle, over from Houston to run the offense. they traded for six-time Pro Bowl QB, Donovan McNabb, in April. Redskins fans rejoiced, as things looked bright for the 2010 season.

the turning point to this season, may have been week 8 in Detroit. McNabb was benched, and Rex Grossman fumbled away his first snap. the Redskins lost the game, and this was the beginning of the end. Shanahan said he switched QBs b/c McNabb didn’t have a good grasp of the 2-minute offense. then, he said McNabb didn’t have the proper cardiovascular conditioning to run the 2-minute offense.

to smooth things over, the Redskins announced they had signed McNabb to a 5-year extension. this ranks as one of the sketchiest contracts in sports history, seeing as how everyone involved was extremely vague, as to the parameters of the deal.

the Redskins are 5-8 heading into today’s game with the Cowboys. McNabb was benched earlier this week, in favour of Grossman. on top of that, Shanahan boldly claimed that there was nothing McNabb could do, to make him change his mind. McNabb’s agent said that Donovan had never felt so disrespected in his entire life, and who can blame him. McNabb is a consummate professional, a guy who is a leader in the locker room, and held in the highest regard by his teammates.

and then Mike Shanahan treats him like shit! there’s no way to sugarcoat it. I’m not even a Redskins fan, but I feel bad for McNabb. I didn’t think it could get any worse than having Terrell Owens for a teammate, but I was wrong. hopefully, the Redskins release McNabb, so he can get picked up by a team with some class, and a legit shot at a Super Bowl. he deserves every penny they are paying him, to put up with this shit.

maybe Albert Haynesworth isn’t such a bad guy, after all…

Rex Grossman


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