The Best Shows Of 2010

I reckon I went to about a dozen shows this year, which is the most I have been to since 2007. here’s a list of my 5 favourite:

5) Alice In Chains (March 3) Constitution Hall
a band that I never thought I would get the chance to see perform. Layne Staley (R.I.P.) may no longer be with us, but his replacement (William DuVall), is far from a knock-off. a decent portion of the set was comprised of material from Facelift and Jar of Flies. the new album is not just another Jerry Cantrell solo album.

All Secrets Known -> It Ain’t Like That -> Again -> Check My Brain -> Them Bones -> Dam That River -> Rain When I Die -> Your Decision -> Got Me Wrong -> We Die Young -> A Looking In View -> Nutshell -> Acid Bubble -> Lesson Learned -> Love, Hate, Love -> Would -> Man In The Box -> Rooster

4) Rodrigo y Gabriela (February 28) 9:30 Club
the most metalest acoustic show I’ve ever been to. they originally met in a death metal band, in their native, Mexico. the only song I recognized, was a cover of Metallica’s “Orion” they are incredibly skilled, and can play incredibly fast. Gabriela on rhythm, Rodrigo on lead. Alex Skolnick Trio (Testament) was the opening act. I believe this is the only show I’ve been to, where every song was an instrumental.

Hanuman -> Buster -> Triveni – Anoushka – Triveni -> Diablo Rojo -> Logos -> Santo Domingo -> Orion (Metallica) -> Chac Mool -> Savitri -> Solo Demandre -> 11:11 -> Hora Zero -> Tamacun

3) Faith No More (April 12) The Warfield
Mike Patton is my man-crush, in a bad way. when FNM announced a one-off string of reunion dates in the US, I realized if I was going to see them play, I might as well go all out. it was totally worth it! in addition to FNM performing hits covering all 5 studio albums, America’s $1 comedian, Neil Hamburger was the emcee, delighting the crowd with jokes about Tupac Shakur, Gene Simmons, Sir Mick Jagger, Robin Williams, and many more of America’s favourite celebrities. Trannyshack provided some original theater numbers, complete with choreography and lip-sync to songs by Tool, Ministry, and Black Sabbath

Reunited (Peaches & Herb) -> From Out Of Nowhere -> Land Of Sunshine -> Caffeine -> Evidence -> The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies -> Chinese Arithmetic -> Last Cup Of Sorrow -> Cuckoo For Caca -> Easy (The Commodores) -> Ashes To Ashes -> Midlife Crisis -> Surprise! You’re Dead! -> King For A Day – Epic -> Just A Man -> Stripsearch -> Digging The Grave -> This Guy’s In Love With You (Burt Bacharach) -> We Care A Lot -> Introduce Yourself

2) Atari Teenage Riot (September 24) Sonar
had been anticipating this show for months, before it was even announced. so much energy, packed into such an intimate venue. a greatest hits collection of stuff from their 3 studio albums. a frenetic pace thruout, with pauses that lasted just long enough for fans to catch their breath. word is there’s an album coming down the pipeline in 2011, and surely more touring to follow. getting to meet Alec, Nic, and CX was an added bonus.

Activate -> Into The Death -> No Remorse (I Wanna Die) -> Atari Teenage Riot -> Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture -> Sick To Death -> Deutschland (Has Gotta Die) -> Fuck All -> No Success -> Midijunkies -> Get Up While You Can -> Too Dead For Me -> U.S. Fade Out -> Speed -> Not Your Business -> Ghostchase -> Revolution Action

1) Megadeth (March 15) 9:30 Club
simply put, this is on my short list of best shows I’ve ever been to! I listened to more Megadeth this year, than every other year, combined! Rust In Peace, preceded by Testament’s The Legacy. not only is Dave Mustaine an excellent musician, but his dry, sometimes condescending, sense of humour, is refreshing in today’s uber-shitty music industry.

Set The World Afire -> Wake Up Dead -> In My Darkest Hour -> Holy Wars/The Punishment Due -> Hangar 18 -> Take No Prisoners -> Five Magics -> Poison Was The Cure -> Lucretia -> Tornado Of Souls -> Dawn Patrol -> Rust In Peace…Polaris -> Head Crusher -> Trust -> Symphony Of Destruction -> Peace Sells

others receiving votes:
Voltaire (April 1) – one-man acoustic set; singled me out as a black metal fan, b/c I was wearing a Celtic Frost shirt; BUTTSECKZ!!!
Chemlab (May 18) – lost my keys; took a knee to the head from Jared Louche; did shots of Grey Goose with the lead singer of Left Spine Down
American Carnage Tour (October 6) – Slayer ripped skullz! Megadeth didn’t sound as good as they did in March; Anthrax was just happy to be there
1349 (October 8 ) – Triptykon was headlining, but we missed them, b/c we had to catch a bus to Queens
La Roux (November 10) – short but sweet


One Response to “The Best Shows Of 2010”

  1. Clint Says:

    It was a great year for shows! I might have to agree with your top 2.

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