CM Punk To Feud With John Cena Over Spilled Diet Soda

The Miz is still the WWE champ…John Morrison is the new #1 contender…it’s so nice to have someone other than Orton and/or Cena in the title picture…JoMo’s match with Sheamus at TLC stole the show…they have over a month to build this Miz-Morrison match at the Rumble…would be great if one of them resurrected the old “Dirt Sheet” promo

CM Punk attacking John Cena, after his match with Dolph Ziggler, means it won’t be long now, before Punk is back to wrasslin’ full-time! and just in time for that house show at Verizon Center on the 30th…oddly enough, I didn’t really care much for Punk, until he moved to commentary…I totally agree with him, when he said last nite’s “A Mizmas Carol”, was the best RAW opening ever!

I’ve never seen someone be able to draw so much heat from an audience without saying a word, like Vickie Guerrero…just shows how good wrasslin’ can be, when you’re working live, without a net…even after Cena asked the audience for silence, so Vickie could speak, he couldn’t help laughing, when they continued to boo her mercilessly…

there was absolutely no sign of Nexus at last nite’s show…maybe they resurface at the Rumble…with the Cena storyline finished, this might be a good time for some of Nexus to break off in singles action…Justin Gabriel has the most in-ring ability of any member of Nexus…they should have him feud with Daniel Bryan for the US title…Wade Barrett vs. Undertaker at Mania, anyone?

Melina d. Alicia Fox, and Eve Torres to become the #1 contender for the Divas title.
Daniel Bryan d. William Regal
Santino Marella & Tamina d. Ted DiBiase, Jr. & Maryse
John Cena d. Dolph Ziggler
Randy Orton, John Morrison & Jerry Lawler d. The Miz, Alex Riley, & Sheamus

due to Christmas Eve, Smackdown is airing tonite on USA at 9. I usually just read the spoilers, but since it’s a live show, it’ll be worth checking out. Cena-Ziggler-Guerrero, part deux; Miz vs. Orton; Edge is the new WHC, time to start building his next feud for the Rumble



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