Ultimate Surrender – S8E15 – (2) Ariel X vs. Saffron

Ariel X, #2 in our rankings, #1 in our hearts. we are roughly two weeks away from seeing if the third time will be the charm for her, as she attempts to capture that elusive tag team crown (with Hollie Stevens). on the singles circuit, Ariel continues to dominate opponents, with an unmatched level of stamina and technical precision. a former Summer Vengeance champion, eager to reclaim her title. she defeated Chloe Camilla, in week 2.

if you’ve been watching the last coupla tag matches, then you might recognize Saffron, who was sitting in the audience. she asked Matt if she could wrestle, and he said yes. she stands at an impressive 5’10” and a buck fifty, so she definitely has the size to be a force among the ever-growing field of season 8 noobs. she calls herself The Destroyer, but the only thing that would be getting destroyed on this day, was her asshole, by Ariel X, in round 4.

Ariel gave up 7″ and 40 lbs. in this contest, but it didn’t matter. no matter how confident a noob is in her ability to defeat a veteran, they all hafta pay their dues at the Armory. Saffron avoids being blanked, but was no match for the Summer Vengeance III champion. Ariel’s fishhook technique was in mid-season form. if Matt retains the current format for the next tag team circuit, these two would make for a great pairing.



One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E15 – (2) Ariel X vs. Saffron”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Saffron is one of Princes Donna’s sassy subs and can take huge amounts of punishment, as she did here. Hopefully she will keep her bad attitude until she gets to wear the dildo. Full marks to her for taking a bumfuck on her first outing. Saffron becomes one of a string of newbs who have the potential to be quality nekkid wrestlers. She needs another couple of fuckings before she gets thrown in with a fellow newb such as Mahina Zaltana to see who wants it the most.

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