Thoughts On The Final RAW Of 2010

just how big was the story we ran a week ago, about CM Punk feuding with John Cena, over a spilled beverage? big enough, that Cena felt obligated to address the issue at the top of last nite’s RAW! Punk mentions that he read our article, but that it’s about a lot more than just a spilled diet soda. he calls Cena a hypocrite, among other things, and vows to turn the tables on Cena by the end of the nite.

Santino Marella d. Ted DiBiase, Jr. – somebody should put Ted, Jr.’s career on the side of a milk carton
John Morrison d. Alex Riley – JoMo’s WWE title match next week vs. Miz will be a Falls Count Anywhere match
Mark Henry d. Tyson Kidd (more on this match below)
Jerry Lawler d. The Miz via countout – JoMo came out and attacked Miz outside the ring, while the ref was distracted
Melina & Alicia Fox d. Eve & Gail Kim – Melina pinned Gail with the Sunset Split
Daniel Bryan d. Zack Ryder – submission via the LeBell Lock
Randy Orton d. Sheamus – Sheamus attempted a slingshot shoulderblock over the top rope, but Orton countered with an RKO

and the award for the biggest swerve of the nite goes to whichever writer came up with the Tyson Kidd vignette. Kidd approaches Bryan, and said he would be the new United States champion in 2011. he tells Bryan to watch what he does to Mark Henry. this match turned into a huge squash match. not only did Henry win easily, but he also made Kidd’s much ballyhooed 7’+ bodyguard, Jackson Andrews, look like he was in his first match down at FCW, during their post-match confrontation. I believe Andrews tried to throw what looked like a very stiff clothesline, which Henry ducked, and countered with the World’s Strongest Slam. looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the D-List version of HBK and Diesel. sadly, when Bryan is ready to be elevated into the WWE title picture, he’ll probably end up dropping the US strap to Kidd.

what’s going on with King Sheamus? seems like his push is going in the wrong direction ever since he won King of the Ring last month. losing a #1 contender to JoMo at TLC, and now losing cleanly to Orton. I guess they’re just waiting for Triple H to return (possibly at the Rumble), before they do anything meaningful with him.

the last segment of the show has Cena back in the ring, saying he beat Punk to the punch. Punk’s music hits, but no Punk. Nexus comes out next. Otunga offers Cena a truce, which he rejects. Nexus pretend to leave, but attack Cena. Punk’s music hits again, and this time he heads to the ring, kneeling over Cena, and he puts the Nexus armband on. Punk and the rest of Nexus throw up fists of solidarity to close the show.

we will be at the RAW house show this Thursday nite at Verizon Center, with a ringside seat for all the action. I’m breaking out the Rebel T2i in hopes I can get some great pics. look for a full recap this weekend…

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