Local Housecats Doing Satisfactory Job Of Blending In With Furniture, Owners Say

Lemonjello Jones made news, by allowing his owner to sit on him, during a weekend hangout. it wasn’t until minutes later, when one partygoer asked “aren’t you crushing his organs?”

to which his owner replied “nah, they’ve pretty much gotten used to being sat on. they don’t even seem to care.”

sensing he had made some sort of feline faux pas, Jones quickly moved off the chair, and proceeded to sniff another partygoer’s shoes.

more hardships soon followed for Lemonjello, and his supervisor, Oranjello Tubbs, as they took turns being harassed by a loop.

“I spent about 2 or 3 minutes chasing that damn thing when it was around my tail” said a befuddled Tubbs, adding “I had an even harder time trying to walk, when it was draped around my torso. every time I tried to put my back legs thru the loop, I had to stutter-step, it was extremely frustrating.”

in other news…we played two games of BANG!. it’s a card game based on the Spaghetti Western movies of the 70s (complete with directions in English and Italian) there are 4 categories of characters: Sheriff, Deputy, Outlaw, and Renegade. Renegade is the most difficult position to win from, b/c everyone else has to die. I ended up drawing from this position in the first game, and Outlaw in the second. Outlaw has to kill the sheriff, Deputy protects the Sheriff, and Sheriff has to avoid shooting their deputies.

we watched a few episodes of Food Party, which I had not seen in a few months. we watched the two-part series finale, an episode where Thu and her family pick up a hitchhiker, an episode where Thu babysits Vincent Van Gogh’s rabid pet koala, and an episode where Thu shows us everyday uses for oregano.

we watched Adventure Time, but I started dozing off by then. all I remember was saying something about Marceline, The Vampire Queen, being left-handed.



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