Half-Assed Workday Refutes Employee’s Claim That He Was Using His Whole Ass

sometimes, even the world’s greatest camera salesman can have an off-day at work. such was the case yesterday. I wasn’t really feeling it, b/c I was working 2-close. these kinds of shifts are the worst, b/c I can never seem to get into a groove. my whole day is completely fucked, and since I wake up around 7 AM, my battery is empty by around dinner time.

and so it began: I was helping one woman with a camera, when some other lady came up and asked if I could help her with a computer. I glanced across the aisle to the computer department to find a handful of customers, and no sales associates. I told her that I had just gotten to work, and that I wasn’t sure if anyone was working in that department. she went off to the cell phone department to find an associate. in retrospect, this may have sounded harsh, but there was no other way to put it.

I had another customer ask me about whether we carried instructional dvds on how to play guitar. I thought about it, and then said we didn’t, but then suggested he check out Tweeter music center, which as I would later find out, doesn’t actually exist. he said “oh, ok” I hadn’t heard an “Oh” that ominous since that time I was playing BINGO with King Diamond. he came back a few minutes later to tell me that he found what he was looking for, and then proceeded to rip me for my lack of assistance on the matter. he asked me how long I had been working there. I wanted to say “way too long” but I didn’t want to exacerbate the situation. honestly tho, I deserved it.

another woman came in to exchange a Canon camera. as blasphemous as this sounds, I begrudgingly helped her again. I had sold her the Canon SD1300 just the day before. I was half-assing it by showing her an inferior Fuji camera, but I quickly shifted gears, and showed her the Nikon S8100. she ended up doing the exchange, meltdown averted.

a woman came in with her mother to buy her a camera. the mother wanted a Canon 60D, but the daughter bought her the Rebel T2i. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more bizarre exchange between two customers who were shopping with each other. they argued for about 5 minutes on this subject. we didn’t have any T2is in stock, so they went to another store to buy the camera, and the card. they came back to get the accessory bag, a 55-250 lens, and a UV filter. she said she was coming back Friday, so that I could show her how to use the camera. bottom line is, the door is open for her to return the T2i (and all the accessories for it) the holiday season is over, so I should have plenty of time to show her how awesome the camera is. after all, it’s the official DSLR camera of IGRO, LLC. maybe I’ll bring in some of the pics I took at the wrasslin show last week. keep coming back, and I’ll keep ramblin’ on-on-on…



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