Two Days of Slack (Pants Optional)

had the last coupla days off work, didn’t do shit. I’m still sorting thru the pics of the WWE show I went to on Dec. 30. I will make a concerted effort to get those up by this weekend. I finished collecting 100% of the gold trophy A-Spec licenses in Gran Turismo 5. got on a wrasslin’ kick and played thru an entire “Road To WrestleMania” where I used John Morrison to end the Undertaker’s streak, BOO-YAA!!! turning my attention to NHL 2011, where my created Be A Pro, has been drafted by the Florida Panthers. would’ve done a BAP with the Caps, but Ovechkin is not available. I guess it makes sense that if you choose to use a real pro, they give you the option to play as one of the younger supporting guys. not much else going on, gotta be at work soon…



One Response to “Two Days of Slack (Pants Optional)”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    hahahahhah @ the pic’s caption!

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