Ultimate Surrender – S8E17 – Jessie Cox vs. Sloane Soleil

the first update of 2011 brings some pretty big changes to Ultimate Surrender. Matt is stepping away from his role as referee, in order to develop a new site for Kink. he will remain on as booker, director, and now commissioner of the site. the Goddess of Sodomy replaces Matt as ref. Isis has also been appointed technical supervisor of sexual relations in round 4, and as such, will join in on the fucking of the losers.

Jessie Cox was a noob in season 7, but has established herself as a solid mid-carder, in season 8. the time she put in on the tag circuit with Dia Zerva, may not have resulted in any wins, but you can definitely notice a marked improvement in each one of her singles matches. this is the type of match which helps cement her status alongside the likes of Rain DeGrey and Holly Heart. a wrestler, with more experience, taking on a noob, who has the size advantage.

Sloane Soleil is the first wrestler to come to the Armory, by way of the Citadel. they are a monthly league, where the ladies wrestle in red jello. Sloane goes by the nickname “The Red Threat” as she hails from Russia. do her skills competing in an anything goes pit of jello translate to the unscripted discipline of Ultimate Surrender? only time will tell.

the season 3 tag championship is scheduled for 1/14 at 10 PM EST. Dragon Lily & Holly Heart (4-0) vs. Ariel X & Hollie Stevens (3-2) Team Dragon won the previous match-up in the regular season. special thanks to Iona “Machines of Loving” Grace for stepping in for Hollie in last month’s playoff match vs. Tara Lynn Foxx & Bella Rossi. haven’t seen the entire match yet, but I heard she looked pretty good for her first time. we here at AX fanboy nation thank Iona for her efforts.

with Isis now the #1 referee, I wonder if they will incorporate a second ref for tag matches. if so, I wanna see either Princess Donna OR Maitresse Madeline take over that role. one can only imagine how hot it would be to see the losing team simultaneously DP’d by both the winners and the referees!

Jessie Cox


5 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E17 – Jessie Cox vs. Sloane Soleil”

  1. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Holly Heart has officially retired, and will be replaced by Bella Rossi for the tag title match, this Friday…

  2. Joe Says:

    What?!?! Really??? Awww no, that sucks if it’s true, she was my favourite wrestler 😦

    She can’t be replaced with Bella though, she’s already replaced Vendetta :S

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Ariel X blogged that a number of girls had quit wrestling and porn due to boyfriend pressure. Is Holly Heart one of them? If so she should find somebody more sensible. A great loss to the world of nekkid rasslin if you ask me.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yes, sadly Holly Heart is one of the girls who have quit wrestling and/or porn altogether. I was really disappointed to hear she was replaced in the tag team final.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    What could be better than watching your girl rasslin in a tag team match, taking her home and licking her pussy all night? These guys who object must be mad. Maybe they don’t like to see their girl lose and get fucked.

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