Ultimate Surrender – S8E18 – (2) Ariel X vs. Cece Stone

just hours before tonite’s live tag team finale, Matt delivers the latest singles masterpiece from Ariel X. a 606-0 blanking of noob, Cece “The Cyclone” Stone. Ariel gave up 7″ and 40 lbs. in the fight, but overwhelmed Cece right from the start, with multiple submissions via crushing leg-scissors, and plenty of fingering of Cece’s naughty bits. Cece got slammed by Ariel and Isis in round 4, which included Isis fisting her to orgasm, while Ariel vibed her with a hitachi. gotta give it up to Cece tho, she definitely proved her mettle in this match. losing to the likes of Wenona and Ariel in her first two matches, can only help prepare her for when she goes up against gals, who are at her own experience level.

this is the second update, with Isis as referee, and the membership is decidedly against Isis participation in round 4. something that shocked Matt, which I find shocking. my opinion on Isis role in round 4 is as follows:
she should only be allowed to participate at the winner’s discretion, and if the loser agrees to be DP’d with strap-ons.
we have two more updates where Isis will be joining in on the round 4 lovin’, and then Matt says there could be changes made. either way, Isis will remain the #1 ref at Ultimate Surrender, which is A-OK with me. she’ll also be serving as assistant ref for tonite’s match. if she picks the losing team, she will end up getting fucked!

this will be Ariel X’s third shot at the tag titles, and her first chance to join Vendetta and Dia Zerva, as the only women to win the triple crown of Ultimate Surrender. (2) Ariel X & (7) Hollie Stevens vs. (3) DragonLily & (5) Bella Rossi. match starts promptly at 10 PM EST…


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