An Afternoon With Chop Chop

my friend goes to the same gym as former Junior Welterweight champion, and DC native, “Chop Chop” DeMarcus Corley. he asked me to take some video of “Chop Chop” sparring, so I decided to bring my Canon Rebel T2i. I got almost 30 mins. worth of material (9 rounds total) Corley was training for his upcoming fight against Lucas Matthysse (tomorrow nite at 11 on Telefutura)

it’s a good thing I lowered the resolution to 640×480 (60 fps) b/c even tho they were only 3-minute rounds, each file size took up nearly .5 GB. I was using a PNY 8 GB Class 10 SDHC card. if I had recorded at 1080p, I don’t think I would’ve been able to fit the entire session.

here’s a coupla videos I took.

thanks to everyone in “Chop Chop’s” camp for allowing me to film. also, thanks to DrG and my business manager/agent, Los DT Prez, for setting it up. for all your photography/video needs, plz contact Persie Handfisher, LLC. at; a subsidiary of Osaka Gas & Energy Concern. to see all nine videos, check out my channel on TEH YOOTOOB


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