Ultimate Surrender – S8E19 – Tara Lynn Foxx vs. Addison Heart

Tara Lynn Foxx arrived on the scene in season 7, and was one of a handful of noobz, picked to participate in the just-completed third circuit of the tag team league. her hopes of becoming a tag team champion with triple crown winner, Vendetta, were derailed when Vendetta was injured during their final regular season match. she makes her long-awaited season 8 debut, looking to take control of a wide-open lower mid-card division.

Addison Heart is back for her second match. she was indoctrinated into the world of Ultimate Surrender, by Hollie “Clown Porn” Stevens, in week 4. if there’s one thing we learned about Addison, it’s that her libido can sometimes get the best of her. she has the size to be a force, but a stronger need to control her throbbing biological urges, is required if she wants to graduate from noob.

TLF has shown great improvement from last season, a direct result of the time she put in with Vendetta. she is back with a vastly improved offensive arsenal. TLF showcased her exemplary fingerwork, and wore down Addison with the dreaded Cameltoe Clutch. TLF has the look of a seasoned veteran, who can hang with any gal on the roster. with Rain DeGrey currently out of action, TLF makes her season 8 debut at the #11 position. still waiting for the loser to get drilled in the ass by Isis, but that’s neither here nor there.



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