I Started Watching Tom Goes To The Mayor Again

my sister called me the other day asking if I knew anything about the uber-hilarious Tim & Eric show Tom Goes To The Mayor. for those not in the know, it originally started as a web series. Bob Odenkirk (being the comedic genius that he is) produced it as a full-on tv show for [adult swim] sadly, the show only ran for 30 episodes (2004-2006) but it helped pave the way for Tim & Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!

to get back on point, she asked me if I could send her my copy of TGTTM, b/c she is working on a case, where someone explicitly referenced the show. I think it had something to do with someone greeting someone else by “humping” them. as best I can reckon, I suppose the episode in question is 107 – Vehicular Manslaughter.

in said episode, Tom eulogizes Michael Ian Black, whom he killed in a car accident, in order to avoid facing charges. turns out, MIB faked his own death, and that’s when he jumps on-stage, to hump the mayor. I watched all 13 episodes of season 1 yesterday, and I’ll probably get thru all 17 episodes of season 2 over the course of the next few days. I forgot how hilarious this show was. my favourite episode is 213 – Couples Therapy. highly recommended if you’re a fan of Tim & Eric.



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