Catching Up On Adventure Time, Season 2

this was one of the best new shows of 2010. it took me a while to get thru season 1, and in the interim, I’ve been DVR-ing season 2. the season’s not over yet, but I’ve got 11 episodes I’ll probably be watching, along with season 2, of Tom Goes To The Mayor. these 10-minute shows are perfect for someone like me, who has an extremely short attention span. looks great in 720p!

Adventure Time


One Response to “Catching Up On Adventure Time, Season 2”

  1. Clint Says:

    Possibly the most psychedelic cartoon of 2010 too, though not nearly as much as previous winners of that award (Xavier:Renegade Angel, Tim And Eric Awesome Show,Great Job!, Wonder Showzen).

    But man, we try to get you to come over and watch cartoons with us, but you hardly do.. and then you watch like 2 shows 😉 We have so many Adventure Times waiting to be watched!

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