…And That’s Why Awesome Kong Will Win The Royal Rumble

the road to Wrestlemania begins tonite in Boston, with the 24th annual Royal Rumble. for the first time ever, the field for the Royal Rumble match expands from 30 to 40 participants. as of press time, 34 of the 40 entrants had been named, but what of the other half dozen? Triple H is a lock to return! and then there’s Kevin Nash aka “Diesel” wrestlezone.com posted exclusive video of Nash giving an impromptu interview at Boston’s Logan International Airport. will another big name like Chris Jericho or Batista make a surprise return? will a WWE legend like Ricky Steamboat or Dusty Rhodes make an appearance? I heard rumours they would bring Awesome Kong in for the womens title match, but I’d much rather see her draw a number in the Rumble. wrasslin’ historians will note that Chyna (’99 & ’00) and Beth Phoenix (’10) have been involved in Rumble matches, so there is precedent. I hope that Kong not only enters the match, but eliminates one or two guys, as well.

taking a look at the list of participants, u hafta say Cena is the overwhelming favourite. it’s in his hometown, and he could end up drawing an early number (1-10) and cleaning house against Nexus and Corre. John Morrison is in the midst of the biggest push of his career, and deserves to be one of the last few left. Alberto Del Rio is the best heel on Smackdown, and maybe the best all-around wrassler currently in WWE. CM Punk is the total package, great mic skills and in-ring ability. Sheamus will have a pretty strong run during the match (possibly ending up with the most eliminations) but he and Triple H could end up eliminating each other. Nash potentially being in the Rumble, adds a new angle to the match. will he and his BFF, Triple H, cross paths? so in closing, CM Punk, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, and John Morrison are my picks for the final four, with CM Punk eliminating the hometown hero, Cena, to win the match. just b/c Punk COULD win the Rumble, doesn’t mean he can’t wrestle Cena for the WWE title in the main event at Wrestlemania. they still have the Elimination Chamber PPV in February.

in other news, there are also three title matches on the card:
Edge will retain the WHC against Dolph Ziggler – if this winds up being the first match, u could very well see Ziggler return during the Royal Rumble match
The Miz will retain the WWE championship against Randy Orton – Miz is one of the best at generating heat, plus he is one of the most media-friendly wrasslers on the roster. he could end up carrying the belt into Mania.
Natalya will retain the womens title against LayCool – handicap matches always favour the short-handed side.

any active wrassler who doesn’t make it into the Rumble match, prepare to be “future endeavored”

BOOKER T IS IN BOSTON FOR TONITE’S RUMBLE! so much for TNA’s re-launch angle! as the Super Genius, Mark Madden wrote:
“Only the stupidest, most dense idiots in the history of wrestling would head into a re-launch angle, without having all the protagonists under contract.”

kudos to Vinman for getting Nash, Booker, and Kong, for the Rumble. there are probably 6th graders with far superior mental acumen compared to the clowns who run TNA.

King Booker

CM Punk


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