Sting Signs With WWE

yes, it’s true! it’s damn true! the only man to be made by Billionaire Ted’s wrasslin’ promotion in Hotlanta, who never wrestled for Vinman, will be showing up on the February 21 edition of RAW! is reporting that Sting (real name, Steve Borden) signed a one-year deal with WWE. no word yet, on what they have planned for him at Wrestlemania (which takes place in WCW’s hometown at the Georgia Dome)

I’ve had some time to digest the Royal Rumble. first off, I am probably the only man on teh inferwebz, who was disappointed that Awesome Kong was not used on the card. they teased the smarks in the audience, by turning the handicap match for the womens title, into a fatal four-way match. my anticipation for Kong reached a frothing point, when they announced the mystery opponent would be Eve Torres. kudos to whoever booked that match, as it was solid work by all four ladies, and the ending with the double pinfall, but the ref only recognizing one, was a nice finish.

with Kong not involved in the women’s match, SURELY, they were going to bring her in for the Rumble match?!? she tweeted on Sunday that she was in Boston ready for the Rumble. 40 numbers were called, and Kong was not among them.

the Rumble match started with CM Punk (1) in the ring. members of the CORRE and Nexus filtered in to the ring, and started brawling. but the anonymous general manager ordered them out of the ring, or else they would lose their spots in the Rumble. Daniel Bryan ended up drawing #2.

the match can best be broken down into three parts:
CM Punk lasting over 35 minutes, as he and members of Nexus eliminated a shitload of wrestlers.
John Cena came in at 22, and eliminated every member of Nexus. then, he and Hornswoggle did a comedy bit where they eliminated a few guys.
Alberto Del Rio entered at 38, last eliminating Santino (who had been hiding underneath the ring, since he first entered at 37)
we can’t forget to mention John Morrison’s spot where William Regal knocked him off the apron, only to have Morrison jump to the barricade like Spider-Man (without his feet touching the floor) he then walked across the barricade, and jumped to the ring steps. BEST NON-ELIMINATION…EVER!!!
Booker T entered at 21, and lasted 1:08 before being eliminated by Mason Ryan (I totally marked out when he did his spinarooni in the middle of the ring)
Kevin Nash entered as Diesel at 32, and lasted 2:45 before being eliminated by Wade Barrett
Chavo Guerrero paid homage to his late uncle, Eddie (RIP) by performing the Three Amigos suplex. he kept getting interrupted by various wrestlers, but finally pulled it off on the fourth try. I think it was on Ted DiBiase, Jr. still tho, nine suplexes in less than a minute is pretty impressive!

for the last month, Del Rio had been claiming that it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble. it reminded me a lot of how Bobby Heenan had been proclaiming Ric Flair was the real world’s champion, and that he would win the Rumble in 1992.

Edge and The Miz each retained. Dolph Ziggler proved that he is capable of holding his own against the best on the roster. Miz is being booked as a beatable heel champion, who finds a way to win. I hear a lot of ppl complain, but I like the direction of Miz’s character. with Nexus getting involved in the WWE championship match, it looks like Orton is headed for a feud with CM Punk.

overall, I give the show a 7/10.

last nite’s RAW was a pretty solid effort. Alberto Del Rio officially announced that he would be going after Edge and the WHC at Mania. the main event was a RAW Rumble. seven wrestlers, with the winner going on to face The Miz for the WWE title at Elimination Chamber. the six eliminated wrestlers would be thrown into RAW’s Elimination Chamber match. Sheamus and Morrison are the first two out, rekindling their feud from late 2010. Cena, R-Truth, Punk, Orton, and Lawler followed. there were a few more spots where Morrison teased elimination, but nothing like the previous nite. Punk hid under the ring before Orton entered. Orton dragged him into the ring, eliminated him, but then was eliminated by R-Truth. the final two ended up being Lawler and Sheamus. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, but Cena pulled the top rope down, helping Lawler eliminate him. Michael Cole was irate as they went off the air claiming Lawler’s road to Wrestlemania would come to an end in three weeks…

the following matches were booked for the Elimination Chamber pay per view on February 20:
The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler for the WWE Championship
RAW Elimination Chamber:
John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, John Morrison, Sheamus, R-Truth
let’s just go ahead and say Miz retains, and Cena wins the EC match…


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