Ultimate Surrender – S8E21 – Tori Lux vs. Emma Haize

we have two noobz this week, each looking for their first win of the season. Tori Lux has faced a pair of top 10 wrestlers in Samantha Sin and Darling. Emma Haize was beaten by Gia DiMarco, in week 3 (wrestling as Lolita Haize). a win this week would certainly help either girl’s positioning, when it comes to Summer Vengeance. a loss would make the gap between the lower card and a place in the top 16, almost insurmountable.

Tori utilized her size advantage, and dominated Emma from the start. crushing leg-scissors forced Emma into multiple submissions. Tori got her fingers in Emma, early and often, helping her to a 329-0 win. Tori took it to Emma’s ass in round 4, proving she gives as good as she takes. Matt has listened to the membership, who were overwhelmingly against Isis participating in round 4. they have dialed back her presence, but she still managed to make good use of her strap-on. one of these days, a loser will agree to be DP’d…

Tori Lux progress is coming along swimmingly thru her first three matches. she will be another noob, who shall benefit greatly from working with Dragon on the tag circuit. she’s currently on the bubble to make Summer Vengeance. if she can put together another coupla wins, I could see her ranked somewhere in the 12-14 range. Emma Haize is a year or two away from making an impact. hopefully, she gets at least one more match before the end of the season.

Tia Ling has been removed from the rankings, as she is on maternity leave. it is highly unlikely we’ll see her before season 9. we wish her and her family all the best. with a spot open in the top 10, we have elevated to Samantha Sin to 9, and Tara Lynn Foxx to 10.

the membership voted in favour of 5 updates a month (at a slightly higher price point) over the traditional 4 updates a month. beginning in March, tag matches will update in their entirety, on the last Monday of the month. there was no tag match this past Friday nite (as we originally thought) sources indicate it will now be taped on Feb. 18.



3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E21 – Tori Lux vs. Emma Haize”

  1. Joe Says:

    Emma’s terrible. The new Harmony?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      nah, not after two matches. Harmony had the size to be a legit contender, but she never bothered to hone her skills. if Emma wrestles Ashley Jane, I suspect it would be a fairly entertaining match.

      • Joe Says:

        Well, she’s wrestled two fellow noobs and is yet to score a single point. I think even Ashley Jane could beat her!

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