Eagleheart: Like Walker, Texas Ranger, Only Funnier

Chris Elliott has a new show on [adult swim] when I saw the banner, I immediately thought of Chuck Norris “Walker, Texas Ranger” after watching the pilot for “Eagleheart” I can happily say my initial correlation was spot-on. Elliott plays U.S. Marshal, Chris Monsanto, out to avenge the deaths of his former partners. matters are complicated when Monsanto’s adversary catches a case of brain damage. does Chris have what it takes to rehabilitate his sworn enemy, in order to properly kill him?

“it’s time to turn this killing machine, into a dying machine.”

Eagleheart has a lot of the over-the-top comedy violence and corny, but still clever one-liners that you could envision Chuck Norris spewing on Walker. this show is produced by Conaco (Conan O’Brien’s production company) it premiered Feb. 3. solid first effort, I would rate it 4/5 on netflix scale and 8/10 on imdb. be back tomorrow with my take on Portlandia…


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