Caution: 100 Greatest Metallica Songs May Contain 25% Recycled Material

I was bored at work, so I started reading the new issue of Guitar World. the cover story trumpeted the 100 Greatest Metallica songs. now, if you’re like me, you lost interest in Metallica after listening to Load in 1996. I will admit, I give them a slight reprieve for their Mercyful Fate medley (#68 on the list) Garage Inc. in 1998. that’s the best thing they’ve done in the last 20 years.

back to the article, and I wasn’t even sure Metallica has 100 songs in their catalogue. upon skimming thru the article, I noticed 25 of the 100 “Metallica” songs were actually covers! talk about false advertising. big ups to Diamond Head who scored two songs in the top 25. Am I Evil? at 16, and Helpless at 21. not to mention, The Prince landed at 53, and It’s Electric was 72. btw, u can find all four of those songs on Diamond Head’s 1980 debut LP Lightning To The Nations. ignorance is bliss, and so I choose not to listen to other Diamond Head albums, which don’t measure up to Lightning.

no surprise that nine of the top ten songs were from the Cliff Burton-era. Creeping Death was #1, followed by Master of Puppets, and Seek & Destroy. the rest of the top 10 included Ride The Lightning, One, Battery, The Four Horsemen, Sanitarium, All Nightmare Long, and Fade To Black.

if u count all nine studio albums Metallica has released, plus the two previously unreleased tracks from the album they did with the San Francisco Symphony in 1999, and the song they did for Mission: Impossible II in 2000, that’s 98 songs written by Metallica. for the 23 Metallica songs that didn’t make the list, prepare to be future endeavored…

here are my top 10 Metallica songs:
01) Creeping Death
02) Blackened
03) Master of Puppets
04) Orion
05) Motorbreath
06) Ride The Lightning
07) Damage Inc.
08) The Four Horsemen
09) Trapped Under Ice
10) No Remorse

1985 James Hetfield is the best!


2 Responses to “Caution: 100 Greatest Metallica Songs May Contain 25% Recycled Material”

  1. Clint Says:

    Trapped Under Ice might be my #1. But that’s a hard list to create! That would take me forever to decide on!!

  2. Caution: 100 Greatest Metallica Songs May Contain 25% Recycled … Says:

    […] the rest here: Caution: 100 Greatest Metallica Songs May Contain 25% Recycled … Related Posts:100 Greatest Metallica Songs Metallica is one of my all time favorite bands. One of […]

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