Some Comedians I Like Who Are Playing The Black Cat

who knew the Black Cat would become the premiere spot in DC to catch some of America’s best comedians! as someone who once performed in front of dozens of inebriated patrons at an open mic nite in…HOLLYWOOD (hold for applause) I like to think I know funny, and these guys are funny.

Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) – comedian and musician; I hear he likes to throw in musical numbers between comedy bits. some of his characters on SNL are pretty funny. maybe he’ll do some characters from Portlandia. I already have my icebreaker ready when I meet him. “my sister went to high school with a girl who was on SNL with you. isn’t that a great story? hey, can I interest you in this script?” FEBRUARY 25


Eugene Mirman (Delocated, Bob’s Burgers) – Yvgeny from Delocated; would be awesome if he did an entire set in character. 30 minutes of vodka jokes, HA! no, but just think about it. Yvgeny does an entire set where he rips on “Jon” Delocated marks like me would cum in their pants at the sheer genius of it all! sorry to say I will miss this show, as I will be flying to LA to pitch, write, direct, and produce my x-rated spoof of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. MARCH 4


Neil Hamburger – a Tony Clifton for the 21st century. his trademark throat clearing in between jokes is used to deter audience members from yelling out the punchlines. of course, if you’re lucky enough to be right next to the stage, and make the mistake of yelling out his punchlines, you may end up getting a drink (largely comprised of Neil’s backwash) in the face. saw him open for Faith No More in April, and again in December for Tim & Eric. you either love him or you hate him…MARCH 16

Neil Hamburger


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