Tila Tequila Does Between Two Ferns

in an homage to the year 2006, Zach interviews Tila Tequila. he mentions that she has 3.6 milliom friends on myspace, and then asks her “who’s Darrell?” Zach asks Tila if they could be friends, and then asks her if she likes to jet ski. he cuts it short, b/c he has another guest to get to. he asks to Tila to stick around.

cue the “Friends” theme, Jennifer Aniston is out next, but Tila is still sitting next to Zach. he asks Jennifer if she can move the fern off the other seat. Tila ends up offering to switch seats, so Jennifer can sit next to Zach. he asks Tila to tell Jennifer something about herself. Zach mentions that Tila’s reality shows involved ppl competing for a chance to sleep with her, then says “sound familiar, Jennifer?” to which she replies “excuse me”

Zach mentions that Jennifer is Greek, and that she changed her name. Jennifer says that Zach is also Greek, but he kept his name. he says it was shortened from Galifianakisburg.

Jennifer wants to talk about her new movie with Adam Sandler “Just Go With It” Tila mentions that she also worked on a movie with Sandler. Tila talks about having fun with Adam on the set, and Zach says that’s a great story.

Zach poses a question to both ladies about which state they would fire a nuclear weapon on, in order to save the rest of the country. Jennifer says that’s ridiculous, and doesn’t give an answer. Zach and Tila simultaneously answer “Rhode Island”

the Speed Stick mascot makes a cameo, Tila thinks he’s cute. Zach asks Tila about any wild sexual adventures she’s had. he mentions the time he got a blowjob on a motorcycle. Jennifer interrupts, and says she’ll go back to the green room, while he finishes his interview with Tila. Jennifer asks if he got enough questions, and Zach responds “I had another question, if you don’t mind” baiting her, only to say “it’s for Tila.” the “Friends” theme is playing again, and this time Jennifer is laying into Zach, but you can’t hear what she’s saying. obviously giving Zach a piece of her mind, as you can see Tila making facial expressions like she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

like clockwork, you can expect these vignettes every coupla months. it’s a great way for celebrities to showcase their comedic chops in a faux interview format, while still being able to promote whatever. this episode reminded me a lot of the Conan O’ Brien one, where he was constantly being upstaged by Andy Richter, and then Andy Dick.

imdb: 8/10
netflix: 4/5



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