Happy Celebrity Day

This is a major holiday for Scientology’s many Celebrity Centres, highlighting their achievements and celebrating their existence. The date is specifically the anniversary of the opening of the Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles in 1970, which, in the Church’s words, is “dedicated to the rehabilitation of the culture through art”.

celebrity scientologists include Tom Cruise and his enslaved procreation unit, Katie Holmes. the star of Battlefield: Earth, John Travolta, the chick from JAG, and the dude from That 70s Show, not the foreign dude, or the lead character, or Ashton Kutcher. the guy who wore the sunglasses, what was his name, Billy, or something like that.

in other news, Chicago is holding a mayoral election. WWE superstar, Alex Riley, is headed to court on DUI charges. Killzone 3 is out for PS3.

celebrating a birthday is marijuana advocate/Pulitzer Prize-winning author/and the star of such films as Slutty & Sluttier 5, No Swallowing Allowed 15, and Pump My Ass Full of Cum 2, Jenna Haze, who turns 29.



One Response to “Happy Celebrity Day”

  1. Clint Says:

    TWO posts today?!?!?! Happy Birthday man!

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