King Diamond Reference Made During 2nd Period Intermission

the less said about the Caps 6-0 loss to the Rangers, the better. simply put, this was one of the worst games they’ve played all season. teams have figured out that if you shut down Ovechkin, then no one else on the team will step up and make plays. the power play continues to be ineffective. Mike Green got knocked out of the game inside of the first six minutes, after having returned from getting hit in the head with a puck against the Pens, several weeks ago.

they had better make some moves before Monday’s trade deadline. they need a top 6 forward and a defenseman who can help at the point, running the power play. I don’t see them catching the Lightning for the Southeast Division, and I don’t even see them catching the Pens for home-ice in the first round. I’ll just go ahead and predict they get rolled by the Pens in the first round, and spare myself the disappointment of another Caps early playoff exit.

the highlight of the nite was during the 2nd period intermission, when the fans got to vote on which “Welcome Home” they wanted to hear. Metallica, Coheed & Cambria…or KING DIAMOND!!! of course, most Caps fans don’t know shit about good music, so C&C won. King ended up with about 15% of the vote, which caused me to belt out one of King’s heavenly falsettos, drawing a few strange looks from fans in my section.


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