Ultimate Surrender – S8E24 – Allie Haze vs. Chloe Camilla

the epic rivalry between Ariel X and Dia Zerva, carries over to a new generation, as their tag team charges square off, to improve their seedings for Summer Vengeance.

Allie Haze is the new Swagger of Ultimate Surrender. she arrived on the scene towards the tail end of season 7, and missed out on the granddaddy of all lesbian sexfight tournaments. she is 1-1 this season, with a loss to Jessie Cox, followed by a victory over Ashley Jane. observers took note of Allie’s penchant for smacktalk during round 4 of last week’s live tag match. she is a natural in the dominant role. I could definitely see her becoming the next great heel wrestler in Ultimate Surrender. she is currently ranked 14th.

Chloe Camilla has just one match under her belt. it was a loss to her tag partner, Ariel X. but even in defeat, AX noted how impressed she was with the gal, who she would eventually join forces with. Chloe is a spitfire with a never give up attitude, who hates to lose. she is currently ranked 19th. only the top 16 make it.

it was a relatively low-scoring contest (128-27) between two noobs who are both on their way up the ladder. Allie never trailed, and took it to Chloe nice and hard in round 4. both these girls will improve over time, and should also benefit from working the tag circuit. Chloe is already looking for a rematch, which could happen as soon as the first round of Summer Vengeance.

Dia Zerva vs. Saffron is on the horizon, and we can confirm that Cheyenne Jewel wrestled her first match at the Armory against Cece Stone, which should be posted in the next coupla weeks. Cheyenne has wrestled for several other sites (We Bring It, Academy, etc.) so I expect her to make an immediate impact.

Allie Haze


2 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S8E24 – Allie Haze vs. Chloe Camilla”

  1. Joe Says:

    Anyone else a bit bored with Chloe Camilla? It seems like she’s on every kink site, all the time!

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Chloe needs all the practice she can get, otherwise she’ll be a finger-fuck puppet for every opponent on the US mat. Maybe some whippings on the other sites will toughen her up.

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