Charlie Sheen Is Living The American Dream

I applaud Charlie Sheen’s views on “rehab” he makes millions of dollars on some shitty CBS sitcom, let him do what he wants. if he wants to do lines of coke off Bree Olsen’s ass (and who wouldn’t?) then who are we to say don’t do that. you think Jon Cryer or that 25 year-old dude who plays his son on the show, wouldn’t do the same thing, if given the chance? Hollywood ppl are all on drugs anyways, b/c if they’re not acting, they’re unemployed. and when you got all that money, and can’t be hassled to get a real job, what else you gonna do?!? if Charlie Sheen wants to live with two hot chicks, and party 24/7, he should totally be able to. his recent interviews and tweets on the abrupt hiatus of Two and a Half Men, are a helluva lot funnier than anything I’ve heard on network tv. keep doin’ your thang, Charlie!

Charlie Sheen


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